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A medium-sized carrot contains four times the daily human need of vitamin A.

For all the benefits of Islands and has several colors from yellow to purple graded blush,
Whenever islands redder the more content of beta-carotene which the body needs is incremented by one and a half grams per day.

About Vitamin A
Vitamin A:
And known as retinol (Retinol) There are naturally only in animals,
And extend the egg yolk, liver, and milk the gym a great deal of vitamin A,
And this vitamin does not dissolve in water, but soluble in fat and Mvebadtha
Located islands and yellow watermelon and spinach .. Etc.
This compound found in all fresh fruits and vegetables with green or yellow,
And when it reaches beta carotene compound with food into the small intestine are converted in the walls of the intestine to vitamin (a).
And gives one part of a two-part carotene of vitamin A,
In particular, it is essential for the growth of bones and teeth and maintains the integrity of the skin,
It also helps in the formation of mucous secretions that build resistance against diseases,
And a person earns vital activity and delay aging.
And children are the neediest people to vitamin A, to Adtarad the growth and protect them from diseases.
The continued lack of vitamin dry the affected skin, whether children or adults and flaking the hair of the head because of the drought scalp cells.
The area is considered top of the knees and upper thighs of the most affected areas of the body vitamin deficiency (a) where the skin appears solid in these areas,
And drought spreads epithelial cells to the urinary system, reproductive and respiratory, digestive and transformed cells that populate these devices to the dead cells
The patient feels a painful infections in these devices
Especially in the urethra and the most serious symptoms of this vitamin deficiency is the ability of human vision at night
Or what is known as the night the evening accompanied by inflammation and dry the tears stream and lacrimal glands and inflammation of the cornea and conjunctiva, which may lead to loss of sight.
And eliminated the symptoms caused by lack of vitamin A. Once infected eating foods rich in vitamin (a) the person heals and the pain go away.
It is estimated that a person needs of vitamin A at about 2500 IU and this amount is produced from 400 units of beta-carotene
Dissolved in fat or 7,500 IU of beta-carotene
In the form of vegetable or 1,200 IU of beta-carotene in carrots.
It was found that 25% of carotene vegetables absorbable
The benefit of the body while the body can take advantage of all carotene dissolved in fat.
Daughters of Eve
Islands is one of the basic cosmetic means because it is rich in vitamin A, which is working on the health and integrity of the skin,
Therefore it is included in many of the natural products for skin care, fresh carrot crust fell obvious effect as an antidote to stains and impurities,
In addition to that it is working on improving the skin is also a useful food for healthy hair and eyes.
It also is advisable to eat it cooked,
Because concocted lead to rid the nutrients it contains its cells-known Bashdtha and the cruelty.
And is an excellent source of beta-carotene Betacarotine that protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation if addressed by a large dose.
Mask islands useful for sensitive skin:
If your skin is suffering from anaphylaxis Try this recipe ..
‘re ابدإي human islands and mixes a little honey, put the mixture on your face and leave it on your skin for a quarter of an hour.
P A vitamin found in carrots wonderful useful and nutritious for the skin.
Also .. Removes pimples islands of the face and gives him a freshness and helps to gain your skin for a beautiful bronze color.
Islands mask that fits women with dry skin:
اهرسي islands are small and اخلطيها with egg yolk and a tablespoon of sweet almond oil,
Put the mixture on the face and neck for 20 minutes after ازيليه with lukewarm water.
You know, my sister ..
That a medium-sized carrot contains four times the daily human need of vitamin A.
Islands of the skin mask weak:
Wash the amount of Dzrtin متوسطتي size enough what Bntg of the amount of one cup of carrot pulp
Ttahnyha in Lhalat so blessed Otala out of your face, above the eye and neck.
Need your eye for this is the ease of temperature, especially in the summer.

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