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Benefits of avocado fruit

Vitamins A, C, B6, E, K.

Avocado fruit contain useful elements antioxidant like vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin E and unsaturated fats, and new research found that avocado fruits that can protect against cancer of the mouth and reduce the rate of growth of cancer cells.

According to scientists Ohio State University, the materials derived from the contents of the fruits of avocado can kill some cancer cells in the mouth and prevents the cells in the pre-carcinogenesis of growth,scientists believe that the fruit play this role as a result of quantum significant content of phytochemicals - those plant compounds believed to be protective qualities and health that are often found in fruits and vegetables with a dark color.
 "Steve de Ambrose"  the supervisor of the study He said, that their study was the first of its kind, where he said ... "We believe that these compounds phytochemicals either stop the growth of cells pre Almtsrtna in the body or they kill those cells without affecting normal cells."
The fruits of avocado filled also antioxidants useful and which contain vitamin C and folic acid, vitamin E and unsaturated fats, and added, "Steve de Ambrose" that there is still a need for more research into the benefits of the fruits of avocados and other fruits for cancer cells.
He emphasized these partial saying ... "The future is bright for the identification of those fruits, vegetables and plant food with stainless-cancer activity, the study will be published in the journal" Cancer Biology..
Ten benefits of avocado ... As reported by previous studies:
1 - fat Unilateralism the unsaturated in fruit avocado useful for heart health.
2 - Dietary fiber which are found in half of avocado fruit Equivalent to those located in 2 apples, and This Alolevav is important in controlling blood sugar levels and prevent constipation and colon cancer.
3 - phytochemicals in avocados, which are called (beta-sitosterol) help to reduce the levels of harmful cholesterol in the blood.
4 - antioxidants found in avocados help to alleviate the symptoms of aging.
5 - fruits, avocados contain a large amount of lutein, which helps in the prevention of prostate cancer, blurry lens of the eye and visual cell damage.
6 - an important source of vitamin E and half the fruit enough to provide each Maihtaj has the body of this vital vitamin throughout the day.
7 - rich in vitamin B and minerals necessary for the body, such as potassium and magnesium.
8 - a tonic for the liver and helps to discharge waste intestine and helps in the elimination of gases.
9 - extremely useful in the recovery period Alguenahh and diseases, and capturing the recommended because it helps repair cells and is semi-integrated food.
10 - avocados helps to calm the nerves and get rid of tension".
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